Bembix - newsletter of Hymenoptera Aculeata research (Christian Schmid-Egger, in German)
Insektenbox (Wilfried Funk, in German)
Wild bees info (Paul Westrich, in German)


APIMONDIA - International Federation of Beekeepers Association
Institute of bee research Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany (in German)
Informations about honeybees (Markus Orlinski)
Website about honeybees (Hartmut Ebert, in German)
Beekeeping in Canada with a lot of links worldwide
Wild bees and honeybees (Olaf Müller, in German)
Archiv Bienenkunde (Stever, H., Stever, T., Kuhn, J., in German)
Virtual Beekeeping Gallery (Ratia, G., in English and in German)


Phenotypic Plasticity in Plants: Consequences of Non-Cognitive Behaviour. An international workshop - March 15-19, 1998
Ben Gurion University of the Negev, the Jacob Blaustein Institute for Desert Research

Evolutionary biology

Research Institute and Natural History Museum Senckenberg/Germany (English/German)

General interest

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